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  • The "Basic" tariff"

    The official rate of the hotel. A guaranteed reservation is considered to be a reservation for which a prepayment of 1 d...

  • Irrevocable

    Невозвратный тариф действует при предварительном бронировании и стопроцентной предоплате, не суммируется с другими специ...

  • Long-term accommodation

    When booking a room for 7 days or more, we are happy to give you a 15% discount. The discount is valid for a one-time pa...

  • The "Birthday Boy" tariff"

    The birthday boy gets a 10% discount on rooms, as well as on the sauna. The offer is valid for five days before and 5 da...

  • The "Subscriber" tariff"

    For subscribers of our Intagram page @klassic_hotel, there is a permanent 10% discount%

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